Summer’s end

South Yarmouth, MA, about two weeks ago. Photo by my favorite photographer, Tracy Shortell

First, a warning: the “latest updates” referenced in the menu are just that–updates. They could be on anything, from Community Pool to shark attacks in Cape Cod. Like my last website from the previous campaigns, I plan on having a little fun with the blog. And speaking of Cape Cod…the picture above is of me and the boys on the beach. I already miss summer and it’s still warm out. On to September…

“The Wonder Room” Opens at the Library

Was very excited to attend the grand opening of the Wallingford Public Library’s “Wonder Room” on Saturday, September 14, along with fellow Town Councilor and State Rep Craig Fishbein (pictured above). The project involved turning some open space in the rear of the children’s section into an interactive environment, promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activities.

A lot to be proud of here, considering the speed with which this project came to fruition as well as how adaptable and multi-purpose it will be in the future. And while the focus is “STEM,” the hope is that the families and children who utilize the room will stay and check out everything else the Library has to offer, making it more of a “STEAM” experience (adding in “the Arts.”).